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Welcome to the Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM) page for the state of Texas!


We are thrilled to provide the following resources to you in planning and executing your own MIOSM Festival. Please read the attached article “MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS MONTH: Celebrating your community through music” by your MIOSM Chair, to learn more about how to start a festival in your district.


The following documents are resources that are used to plan the annual MIOSM in San Marcos, TX. Please feel free to utilize these documents in planning your own festival. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your MIOSM Chair Christopher Hanson by email at


Activities and Fundraisers

The following is a list of activities, vendors and fundraisers that were set up in the courtyard of the high school during the 2015 MIOSM Festival at San Marcos High School. The goal of the courtyard activities was primarily to raise money for the various music programs that participated in the festival. What we discovered, however, is that the activities and fundraisers gave attendees a great opportunity to socialize, eat and play after and in between performances. People stayed for several hours, rather than simply watching their child or friend perform and then leave. This generated an amazing amount of financial support for the various music programs involved, but it also promoted the community family-centered aspect of the festival.

Director's Schedule

The following schedule was supplied to the directors in organizing the event. It was also supplied to the staff and volunteers of the festival to ensure that students knew when and where to warm up and perform. Everyone working the event had this schedule to answer student and parent questions.

Festival Information Sheet

This flier was used to promote the event around the district and within the community. We wanted everyone to know when and who was performing and who was in charge of the music programs in the district. The week of the festival this document was shared in the local paper, celebrating our students and music faculty.

Festival Performance Schedule

The final performance schedule was printed as large posters (about 3ft by 4ft) and hung around the campus during the festival. It includes the local paper as the sponsor (for donating ad space for the festival during the month of March) as well as the logo for MIOSM (which is updated annually).

Master Schedule

The following Excel Spreadsheet was designed to organize the various ensembles and where and when they would be warming up. Everyone performed on the “main stage” in the high school performing arts center, but several different rooms were used for warm-up space. Depending on your venue, this sheet may not be as affective in organizing the space. I would also recommend recruiting or delegating a “lead director” for each of the disciplines e.g. band, choir, orchestra, elementary; and uploading this spread sheet to google docs, so everyone can access it and update their respective assignments.

Proclamation Template

We receive a proclamation from the mayor every year for music and our schools month. The following is the template that we use with the city. Please feel free to use this exactly, or modify it to better represent your community and festival.

Station Descriptions

This event would not run effectively without several student and parent volunteers. We have multiple stations set up throughout the festival. The following document offers a brief job description to each station. We post these descriptions at each of the stations and we also provide the volunteers with maps, master schedules and room assignments.

Student Work Schedule

Because most of the middle school and high school ensembles only perform once in the festival, we wanted to be sure that students helped out and enjoyed what the festival had to offer. The followings student work schedule was used with our middle school students and was submitted as a part of their performance grade for the event.

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